What is a Sleep Study?

What to expect:

Your 1 hour Home Sleep Study appointment will take place at a Sleep Australia outlet of your choice. During this appointment, a Sleep technician will attach several sensors and wires that you will wear home and return the next day. We do not recommend that you take public transport home from your appointment or plan on running all of your errands after your appointment.

Preparing for the appointment:

– Once fitted with the sleep equipment you are able to go about your normal nightly routine however we recommend that cancel your plans for a big night on the town in favour of a quite night in.
– Stop taking your asthma medication 24 hours prior to the study
– What to Wear: Clothes suitable for sleep, particularly on your top half as once the monitors and wires are on you cannot remove your shirt. Loose fitting pants, skirts, kilts, and the like are all acceptable clothing for your bottom half to avoid getting trapped in your skinny jeans for the night. We recommend that you also bring a button-up/zip-up top to cover the equipment while traveling home.
– Please shower prior to your appointment as our equipment is not waterproof and avoid using moisturizers/oils on skin or hair
– Men: whether you are sporting the ZZ top look or following the latest hipster trend, full beards are OK in our book but if you are normally clean shaven please get rid of the stubble as it makes it hard to attach the wires.
– Please make sure that your left pointer or ring finger is bare of nail polish and/or acrylics

To bring:

– Completed paperwork
– Medicare card and/or pension or healthcare card

The morning after:

– Once you are finished hitting the snooze and are up for the day, remove the sleep monitor equipment, place it in the bag provided and continue with your normal morning routine.
– Bring all of your equipment and completed Sleep Diary to the return appointment.

What is a Sleep Study?